Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cycling in London entry

Here's a poster design I did last month for a London Transport Museum/AOI competition that promoted cycling in London. It didn't make the final cut to go in the exhibition but I'm quite pleased with it. Ah well, another piece for the portfolio.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BAF 2010 Ident - Transformation

More keyframes from the BAF ident animation. After drinking the potion the BAF Man transforms into a giant lizard monster and smashes through the ceiling. Andy's animation is looking brilliant so far... more coming soon!

Give & Keep holding page

I did a quick bit of illustration work for my friend Pete and his web design company Panoetic last week. They're designing the new website for mail order gifts company, Give & Keep and needed more icons in the same style as their logo. Here's my first effort responding to the brief:

And here's the final version after a few tweaks.

Panoetic then sliced it up and transformed it into a website. This isn't my usual style but was good practice doing something a bit different in Illustrator.