Friday, 23 December 2011

Life Online Illustrations

So this is my first post in a very long time. I've taken a bit of a hiatus from illustration for the past six months due to being super busy at my day job. I've been working on a new gallery at the National Media Museum in Bradford called Life Online - it's a permanent exhibition that tells the story of the internet. There's been a lot to do and it's kind of taken over my life but recently we needed a few little illustrations doing at short notice so I got the chance to dust off my pencil case.

We have commissioned a couple of other illustrations and animations for the gallery so it's been interesting writing briefs and working ideas up with other illustrators. When we needed a few other illustrations quite last minute I was reluctant to offer my services as I was so close to the project and was keen to offer more work to other artists. But tight deadlines and dwindling budgets meant I got to work from home for a couple of days and do something different.

These three illustrations will be included in a part of the gallery exploring how search engines work.
This first one is to help visualise the dark web - the hidden bit of the web that search engines don't venture in to.

This is to help illustrate different top-level domain name extensions.

And this comic strip aims to explain how the semantic web might be better at understanding human requests and working out relationships between different bits of content.

Life Online will open in March 2012 and hopefully then I'll find some more free time to get back into the illustration.

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